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Republican Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden Endorses Republican Joe Smith for District 68 State House

It is my honor to announce my endorsement and full support of Joe Smith in his bid to be elected State Representative for District 68. There is simply no better choice to fill the vacancy being left by Deputy Speaker Curtis Johnson’s retirement from the State Legislature.


I have known Joe and his wife, Una, for many years, and at every step of life, he’s chosen to serve people. After graduating from Clarksville High School, Joe chose to serve his country by enlisting in the Marine Corps where he deployed to Iraq multiple times. After serving honorably, he chose to come home to Clarksville and joined the fire department, where he continued to find success through saving lives as a firefighter and emergency medical responder. Today he serves as a County Commissioner, Mayor Pro Tem, and as the owner/operator of the family business, Jodi’s Cabinet Sales.


As a County Commissioner, he’s made a name for himself as a gifted problem solver and a team builder. He works hard to find innovative ways to overcome issues without putting an additional burden on the taxpayers, and his common-sense approach enables him to build strong working relationships.


Montgomery County needs a Representative that understands our local government and our local issues.  Our biggest infrastructure needs are our state roads.  Joe Smith is the best person to represent District 68 in the State House, and I will be voting for Joe on Election Day.  I hope you will join me at the polls.


Mayor Wes Golden

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