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Infrastructure Solutions for Rapid Growth:

  • Strategic Investments: Advocate for strategic investments in state infrastructure, focusing on roads, bridges, and public transportation to maintain community connectivity.

  • Technology Integration: Work on integrating innovative technologies for smart infrastructure solutions to enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and support economic development.


Second Amendment Preservation:

  • Defending Rights: Strongly uphold constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment, advocating for the preservation and protection of law-abiding citizens' right to keep and bear arms.

  • Responsible Ownership: Support initiatives promoting education and training for responsible gun ownership while defending individual rights.


Advanced Education Options:

  • Empowering Parents and Students: Advocate for policies that provide parents with choices in education, expanding access to advanced options like charter schools, vocational training, and innovative learning environments.

  • Fostering Partnerships: Build strong partnerships between schools, businesses, and community organizations to prepare students for the workforce with real-world skills and opportunities.


Public Safety Funding: Law Enforcement and Volunteer Fire Services:

  • Investing in Law Enforcement: Advocate for increased funding for law enforcement agencies, ensuring they have the necessary resources and training for effective community service.

  • Supporting Volunteer Fire Services: Work to secure funding and resources for volunteer fire services, ensuring they are well-equipped and trained to respond promptly to emergencies.


Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Balanced Budget Prioritization: Advocate for balanced budgets prioritizing essential services while minimizing unnecessary government spending to ensure long-term economic health.

  • Streamlining Government Processes: Identify and eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies to streamline government processes, improving services, reducing costs, and creating a more responsive and accountable government.

Veterans/Military Programs:

  • Quality of Life Improvements: I will support continued legislation that provides some of the most robust and successful quality-of-life benefits for veterans and active-duty military in the nation. 

  • Supporting Life after Military Service: Our veterans transitioning to civilian life are an untapped reservoir of skills that translate directly to success in the civilian world. I will promote legislation that incentivizes hiring, makes education more affordable, and promotes veteran entrepreneurship. 

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